March 20, 2001:

       We had an unsatisfied Sitestar customer that had recently bought a brand new Hewlett Packard Pavilion desktop PC. It was fully loaded with Windows ME. There have been a lot of reports from Microsoft about Windows ME having some trouble with Dial-Up Networking. The customer kept running into problems like the following:

1. Kept getting "This Page Cannot Be Displayed"

2. Frequent Disconnects

3. Multiple tries to connect

4. Extremely slow speeds (nothing above 12,000k)

        After about 15 phones calls over the span of three weeks, I finally decided to go out and install Windows 2000 Professional just to experiment. After the upgrade, we found that it would connect every time on the first try, we never ran into the page error message nor did it disconnect, and it stayed at 46,000k and above!

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