Basic Internet Configuration

  1. Click on your start button

  2. Now select "settings" and click on "control panel"

  3. Click on "Dial-Up Networking"

  4. If a screen pops up that begins a setup wizard click cancel

  5. Make sure that nothing else is there beside "Make New Connection"

  6. Open "Make New Connection"

  7. For the name of the computer you are dialing put "Sitestar"

  8. Click next

  9. Leave the area code blank and type out your local access number which can be found here

  10. Click next

  11. Click "finish"

  12. Now you should have "Make New Connection" and "Sitestar"

  13. Right-click one time on "Sitestar" and left-click one time on "properties"

  14. Click on the networking tab

  15. Click the "TCP/IP Settings" button

  16. Put a dot beside "Specify Name Server Addresses"

  17. Primary Dns needs to be:

  18. Secondary Dns must be:

  19. Click "ok"

  20. Now, click on the "security" tab

  21. Type in your correct userid and password and domain

  22. The domain is ""

  23. Click on the "dialing" tab

  24. Take the checks off of "Enable idle disconnect" and off of "Disconnect when connection may not be needed"

  25. Now click "ok"

  26. Double click your "Sitestar" connection and click connect, Inc. 
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