Internet Explorer v5.0 AutoDialer Configuration
The AutoDialer is what makes Explorer connect to the internet for you when it is loaded. If you ever see a Connect To window pop up when you launch Explorer, or if your phone is automatically dialed when Explorer is launched, then this feature is already enabled. Otherwise, follow these instructions to turn this feature on.
  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on Tools, then select Internet Options.
  3. Click on the tab labeled Connection.
  4. If you see nothing under Dial-up Settings, then this is why it is currently disabled. Click Add. Otherwise, skip to Step 8.
  5. The first dialog you will see will ask you for the name of the computer you are dialing. Enter into the box and click Next.
  6. Now you will be asked for the phone number to dial into. Enter the area code and the number in the respective boxes. If you do not know which local access number to use, click here. Once this has been entered, click Next.
  7. You will now be told that the connection configuration is complete. Click Finish.
  8. You will now see listed as a default connection in the Dial-up Settings list. Click on the option that says Always Dial My Default Connection.
  9. Click on the button labeled Settings.
  10. In the window that comes up, enter your username and password under Dial-up Settings. Click the Properties button immediately to the right of the Username field.
  11. In the new window, click on the Server Types tab.
  12. Only two things here should be checked: Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP. Everything else should NOT be checked. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.
  13. Only one thing needs to be changed here. Select Specify Name Server Addresses. In the Primary DNS field input the number and put under Secondary DNS. Click OK.
  14. Click OK on the Settings screen. This will place you back into the Internet Options again.
  15. Click OK here as well. Close down Internet Explorer.
  16. When you restart IE, it will prompt you to dial into, Inc. 
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