Outlook Express Message Import
If you reinstall Internet Explorer or if you upgrade from an older version to the new Internet Explorer 5.0, you may find that when you go to Outlook Express, all your old e-mail messages that you had saved are gone. This is usually because Internet Explorer, upon reinstallation, selects a different directory in which your e-mail is stored. You need to tell it to import your old messages from the old directory.

  1. Launch Outlook Express as you normally would.
  2. Click on File, then arrow over to Import.
  3. Select Messages. This will bring up the Import Wizard.
  4. If you recently upgraded from IE 4 to IE 5 and since then have lost all of your messages, select Microsoft Outlook Express 4.
  5. If you had to reinstall IE 5.0, select Microsoft Outlook Express 5 from the list. Click on Next.
  6. If you chose the proper setting for Step 4, then a path will already be in the dialog titled Location of Messages. Click Next.
  7. The All Folders option should be selected. Click Next.
  8. A progress bar will be displayed showing the progress of the importation.
  9. When this is done, click Finish. Your old messages are now imported.

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