Modem Not Responding #1
If the modem is internal, it may have been unseated. We need to isolate the problem. If there is another application that can access the modem, then the problem is not hardware-based. If no application on the system can access the modem, the computer should be taken to a qualified hardware technician. Note: Any problem which mandates opening the case of a computer should be referred to a hardware technician--we do not recommend that you do this yourself.

  1. Double-click the My Computer icon.

  2. Double-click the Control Panel icon.

  3. Double-click the Modems icon.

  4. Choose the Diagnostics tab.
  5. Click the More Info button and wait for a response.

  6. If Diagnostics returns data from the modem, then there is not necessarily a hardware problem; if everything in this screen seems okay yet the modem consistently does not detect a dial tone (and you have checked to make sure it is plugged in correctly) then it most likely is a hardware problem. If it returns no data, the machine should be checked by a qualified computer hardware technician., Inc. 
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