Configure Dial-Up Networking
  1. Double-click on My Computer.

  2. Double-click on Dial-Up Networking.

  3. Under Dial-Up Networking, look for an icon labeled If you do not have this, click here.

  4. Right-click on this icon, and in the small menu that appears, click Properties.

  5. Make sure the area code is the same as your area code and enter the correct phone number and click on Next. If you are not sure which number to use, click here. WARNING: Some phone systems (especially Sprint) will pick this up as a long distance call if you have the area code in the phone number.

  6. If you take out the check from the "Use country code and area code" like the picture below, you will be assured that it doesn't add the area code to the phone number (potentially making it a long distance call). Note that your modem will most likely be different from the one pictured here.

  7. Click on Server Type.

  8. The only items that should be checked here are Enable Software Compression above, and TCP/IP below. Uncheck everything else.

  9. Click on TCP/IP Settings .

  10. Click on Specify Name Server Addresses, enter for Primary DNS and for Secondary DNS.

  11. Click on OK and then OK again to exit. You should now have configured., Inc. 
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