Configure TotalAccess to Optimize Data Transfer

Operating System: Windows 3.x
Application: TotalAccess
Application Version: 1.66

  1. Open the TotalAccess program group.

  2. Open the Internet Dialer.

  3. From the menu bar, click Options and select Preferences.

  4. Make sure that every option has an x next to it, except Start Minimized.

  5. Click the OK button.

  6. From the menu bar, click Options and select Modem Port Setup.

  7. Set Baud Rate to 38400.

  8. Set Modem to -- Default Modem Settings --.

  9. Click OK.

  10. From the menu bar, click Options and select Site Setup.
  11. Click the IP Addresses button.
  12. In the IP Address text box, type
  13. In the Gateway text box, type
  14. In the Subnet Mask text box, type
  15. In the DNS Address text box, type
  16. In the text box to the right of DNS Address, type
  17. In the Domain Name text box, type
  18. Click OK button.

  19. Click OK again.
  20. From the menu bar, click File, then Exit.
  21. Minimize the TotalAccess program group.
  22. From the menu bar, click File and select Run.
  23. In the Command Line field, type c:\sitestar\dialer\app\modem.ini.
  24. Click OK.

  25. Scroll down to the second section labeled [-- Default Modem Settings --].
  26. If you do not know what kind of modem you have, go to Windows Terminal and type ati3. If you need instructions on using Terminal and or ati3 to query your modem, refer to How to Query a Modem Using Windows Terminal.
    You can find the initialization string for your modem at
    If your modem's initialization string is not there, try Ask Mr. Modem at
  27. In the modem.ini file, find your modem's initialization string after the = sign.

  28. From the menu bar, click File and choose Exit.
  29. When you see Do you want to save changes?, click Yes.
  30. Double-click the the Main program group icon.
  31. Double-click the File Manager icon.
  32. Double-click the Control Panel icon.
  33. Double-click the 386 Enhanced icon.
  34. In the Scheduling Box, change Windows in Foreground to 350.
  35. Change Windows in Background to 150.
  36. Click the Virtual Memory button.

  37. At the bottom of the window, you should see Use 32-Bit Disk Access.
  38. Check the Use 32-Bit Disk Access check box.
  39. On the menu bar, click File and select Exit.
  40. When you see Are you sure you want to make changes to virtual-memory settings?, click Yes.
  41. When prompted, click the Restart Windows button.

  42. Close Windows and run Scandisk and Defrag., Inc. 
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