Outlook Express Newsgroup Configuration
  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Locate the icon on the toolbar labeled Mail. Most likely, this will be the third icon from the right but if in Full-Screen mode, it will be in the middle.
  3. Click on Mail to bring up a new menu. Select Read News from this menu to launch Outlook Express in newsgroup mode.
  4. If any wizards or configuration screens pop up when Outlook is launched, click here and begin with Step 4.
  5. Click on the menu item Tools, then click on Accounts.
  6. In the Accounts window, you will see several tabs. Make sure that the tab labeled News is the one selected.
  7. If there are no existing accounts click here. Otherwise, select the one that says and click Properties.
  8. The first thing you will see in the Properties window is the General tab. Check to make sure that your name and e-mail address are correct in the fields below. These are the only required fields.
  9. Click on the tab that says Server.
  10. The Server Name is and the This Server Requires Me to Log On box should not be checked.
  11. Click on the Connection tab.
  12. The singular check box in this tab should not be checked.
  13. Click on the Advanced tab.
  14. Under Server Port Number, the News(NNTP) field should say 119. Everything else under this tab should not be selected and the Server Timeouts slider is best set at 1 minute., Inc. 
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