Outlook Express Multiple E-Mail Account Setup
This section is intended to demonstrate how Outlook Express may be set up to work with multiple e-mail accounts. If you do not subscribe to our Family Access plan or have not explicitly requested additional mailboxes, then you have only one e-mail account with us. If this is the case, click here to set it up from scratch, or here to reconfigure an existing setup.

Understanding Identities
Outlook Express accommodates multiple users (and thus multiple e-mail accounts) by means of Identities. Identities provide a convenient way to separate and manage the settings of different users. Outlook Express comes with a default identity, called "Main Identity", which stores the settings of one user, which is the most common setup. Unless other identities are added and configured, this one is always used. In order to use more than one e-mail account, you must create additional identities and configure them for your additional accounts. Your "main" mailbox is the one that uses your account's dial-up username, while your "additional" ones are any others you may have. If you have properly installed the software on our CD-ROM, then your main account is already configured. This guide will show you how to add and manage the additional ones.
  1. Load Internet Explorer.
  2. Locate the icon on the toolbar labeled Mail. Most likely, this will be the third icon from the right but if in Full-Screen mode, it will be in the middle.
  3. Click on Mail to bring up a new menu. Select Read Mail from this menu to launch Outlook Express.
  4. Click on the menu item File, then go to Identities, and click on Manage Identities.
  5. This brings up the Manage Identities window. In the list of Identity Names, you should see only "Main Identity (Default)". If there are any others, use the Remove button to delete them.
  6. Click on the Close button to close the Manage Identities window.
  7. Click on the menu item File, then go to Identities, and click on Add New Identity.
  8. In the box labeled Type Your Name, type the name of the person to whom this identity belongs. Click Okay.
  9. You will be asked if you wish to switch to the new identity now. Click Yes. Outlook Express will reload under the new identity, and because this identity is new it will start a configuration wizard.
  10. In the first configuration screen, select "Use an existing Internet mail account" and click Next.
  11. You will then be asked if you wish to change the settings. Select "Change Settings" and click Next.
  12. You will be asked for a Display Name. Type the name of the person who will use this identity and click Next.
  13. In the next screen, select the option "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use", type the address you would like this person to use in the box (i.e. one of your additional e-mail accounts) and click Next.
  14. Where it says "My Incoming Mail Server Is A ..." the option POP3 should be selected. For both the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers, type in the boxes. Click Next.
  15. The next screen will ask you for the Account Name and Password for this e-mail account. The account name is the first part of the e-mail address you chose in Step 13 (i.e. if the email address was, the Account Name is johndoe), and the password is the one you selected for this account.
  16. For convenience reasons, you will most likely want to leave Remember Password checked. You MUST leave "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" unchecked. Click Next.
  17. You will receive a message informing you that the configuration is now successful. Click Finish.
  18. You will then be presented with a screen asking you if you wish to import e-mail settings from a previous setup. Because this is a new identity and a new e-mail account, there ARE no previous settings so select the option "Do not import at this time" and click Next.
  19. A new screen will appear saying Import Not Complete, which will indicate that you have decided not to import. Click Finish.
  20. This identity is now configured. Follow steps 4-20 to configure any others you wish to set up.
To use the identity system, start up Outlook Express as you normally would. As soon as it is loaded, click on File, click on Switch Identity, and select the one you wish to use and click Ok. Outlook Express will then reload with the identity you selected and its settings., Inc. 
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