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Basic Internet Setup

Do not use the internet wizard if prompted, but instead cancel it and delete any connection wizards on your desktop.

Follow these instructions to setup the internet manually:

  1. Go to control panel

  2. Open Network and Dial-Up Connections

  3. If a wizard starts, skip the next step.

  4. Double-click make new connection

  5. Click next on the welcome screen

  6. Choose "Dial up to the internet"

  7. Click next.

  8. Choose I want to setup my internet account manually or connect to a local area network (LAN).

  9. Choose I connect through a phone line and modem

  10. Click next

  11. Leave the area code blank and refer to this page to find you local access number.

  12. Click next

  13. Type in your username and password and click next

  14. Type "sitestar" for the connection name

  15. Click next and select "no"

  16. Click next

  17. Click finish

  18. Now you should see a connection called "sitestar"

  19. Right-click one time on that connection and left-click one time on properties

  20. Click on the networking tab

  21. Make sure there are checks in TCP/IP and Client for Microsoft Networks.

  22. Now double-click TCP/IP

  23. Check "Use the following DNS server addresses

  24. Preferred dns server is:

  25. Alternate dns is:

  26. Now click ok on everything and restart you computer.

  27. You have successfully created a new Windows 2000 dial-up connection!, Inc. 
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