The Apple Newton
  1. Internet Setup
  2. Turn the power to the Newton on.

  3. Tap Extras to open the Extras Drawer.
  4. Tap the folder tab, the diamond, at the top of the Extras Drawer
  5. From the list tap Setup.
  6. Tap Internet Setup.
  7. From the Internet Setup slip, tap New.
  8. Select from the list.
  9. Setup info 1 of 3
  10. In the Setup Name: text area, type
  11. For the Link Protocol: choose PPP
  12. In the Phone Number: text area, type your local access number.
  13. Note: Type your local dial-up access number. Remember to check with your local telephone company to make sure that the number you choose is a local toll-free call.
  14. In the Username: text area, type your username
  15. Click the Set Password button, to bring up the password window.
  16. In the Password: text area, type your password.
  17. In the Confirm Password: text area, type your password again for confirmation.
  18. Tap the Continue button.
  19. Setup info 2 of 3.
  20. For the Newton's IP address: dynamic.
  21. Leave the IP Address as
  22. For the Gateway IP address:
  23. Leave the IP Address as
  24. In the Name Server IP Address: text box, type
  25. In the Domain: text box, type
  26. Tap the Continue button.
  27. Setup info 3 of 3
  28. Tap Done to view the login script.
  29. Wait for: Select In
  30. Send: Select ELN/
  31. Send: User Name
  32. Send:
  33. Wait For: Select ord:
  34. send: Password
  35. Send:
  36. Set the Timeout to 60 seconds.
  37. Tap the X to close the window.
  38. Tap the OK button to save changes., Inc. 
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