Activate E-Mail
  1. From the System Tray, click the HotSync icon and select Custom

  2. From the Conduit list, select Mail

  3. Click the Change button.
  4. Check the Activate PalmPilot Mail checkbox.
  5. From the Synchronize With list, select the mail program you would like to use.
  6. Your choices are:
    Microsoft Exchange 4.0
    Windows Messaging 4.0
    Microsoft Outlook 97
    Microsoft Mail 3.5
    Windows for Workgroups Mail
    Lotus cc:Mail 2.5
    Lotus cc:Mail 6.0
    Lotus cc:Mail 7.0
  7. Your profile will be set by the mail program you choose.
  8. In the Username text box, type your dial-up username.
  9. Note: Do not include ELN/
  10. In the password text box, type your dial-up password.

  11. Click the Ok button.
  12. Click the Done button., Inc. 
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