How Do I Create My Own Web Page With Sitestar?

As a Sitestar customer, you are provided with 10 megabytes of free server space to store your very own personal web page. There are several steps in doing this:

  1. Learn HTML (the programming language of the Internet) or get a web design program (such as the free FrontPage Express) that has an interface similar to a word processing application. A good site that will quickly and easily teach you html is:
  2. Save your page to your hard drive using the web design program or a program such as Notepad if you wrote your own HTML. Please make sure that your main page is entitled "index.html."
  3. Upload your files to Sitestar, including all of your HTML files and images. A good (and easy to use) FTP client (program) is WS_FTP. This program can be downloaded at Put WS_FTP in the search bar and download it.

The following should be set in your FTP client to upload your pages:

Userid/username: your Sitestar userid (first part of e-mail address without "")
Password: The password you use to connect to Sitestar
FTP host/server:
Initial/Remote Directory: /home/

After uploading your pages, you may view them by going to your web browser and typing in

NOTE: Replace all above instances of "youruserid" with the userid that you use to connect to the Internet, Inc. 
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