Cable Modem/DSL Network Settings

NEW: Cable Modem Documentation
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  1. 3Com cable modem quick setup [click here]

  2. 3Com installation manual [click here]

  3. Com21 modem setup page [click here]


Locate Your network settings

There are many ways to get to this point

You can right-click one time on the "My Network Places" or "Network Neighborhood" icons on your desktop, and then click properties

You may also get to it by opening "Control Panel" and then opening "Network"

Make sure all of your correct cable modem/dsl connections are installed as well as: Client for Microsoft Networks and TCP/IP Adapters

Double-click on your TCP/IP Adapter

Select the "DNS-Configuration" tab

Make sure that dns is enabled

The host should be your userid

The domain is ""

The two dns numbers are: and

The domain suffix is:

Now, click on the gateway tab and install a gateway of:, Inc. 
29 West Main Street, Martinsville, VA 24112
PO Box 1126, Martinsville, VA 24114
Tel: (276) 666-9533  or (800) 766-6861 or  Fax: (276) 666-9534