Changing Your Password

    If you would like to change your password for your internet account, please follow the steps below. *Note*When you change your password for your internet dial-up account, it will also change the password to your main e-mail address.* You must connect to the internet before starting this password change session.

  1. click on your start button

  2. click on run

  3. type in: telnet

  4. push "ok"

  5. the telnet terminal will begin

  6. at the login prompt, type in your userid and password just as if you were connecting to the internet.

  7. now you will have four options. 

  8. choose the option to change your password. 

  9. you will be prompted for the current password and then the new.

  10. when this process is complete, just close out the window and disconnect from the internet., Inc. 
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